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Techno Club


(under Training and Placement Cell)


TechnoHub envisions technically proficient students ready to lead in careers and startups. Integrating with TPO, the club aims to transform society through technical awareness and innovation.


TechnoHub, part of TPO, prepares students for placements and entrepreneurship by organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars. It cultivates an innovative mindset, encouraging students to 'IMAGINE INVENT INSPIRE' to become industry leaders.

Objective of Technohub

  1. To provide technical, management and mentored training.
  2. To provide centralized association management services to organize technical and professional programs in the college.
  3. To nurture the minds of students towards creativity and steer their talents towards high-quality research in different areas of Computer Engineering and Technology.
  4. To build the students and enable them to convert theoretical knowledge into the practical task.
  5. Accredit our students to excel in the area of leadership, teamwork and produce high-quality engineers having self-confidence in the nation.
  6. To develop fellowship amongst the students along with the development of mutual understanding.
  7. To provide a forum for open discussion that aggregates matter related to innovations and startups.
  8. To enhance the professional development of our students, along with networking amid technical professionals.


TechnoHub, A Technical And Management club operating under the Training and Placement Office (TPO). It empowers students to showcase technical and managerial skills at diverse events, workshops, seminars, and webinars. TechnoHub's essence lies in its catchphrase 'IMAGINE INVENT INSPIRE,' driving technical leadership.

TechnoHub improves social skills, management skills and technical skills of the students and also gives exposure to how to organize and manage any event and how to work as a team. The success of the students is the priority. The club offers tailored workshops, mentorship, and skill-building sessions that ensure the students of the college are ready for their placement rounds.TEDxBITD and Hult Prize – On Campus are the flagship events of TechnoHub. This gives a platform to the students to showcase their entrepreneurship skills and learn about the new technology.

Professor Incharge

Tanvi Sanghvi


Yukti Jhawar

Vice President

Rajnish Goswami

General Manager

Nihal Singh

General Manager

Ritesh Thakur

General manager

Associate Program Manager

Program Manager

Shubhra Dubey

Associate Program

Siddharth Soni

Associate Program