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Developer Student Club

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Vision & Mission

To foster the growth and development of every student by promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and providing a platform where everyone can empower their imagination to invent & innovate and hence evolve skills & dispositions for lifelong learning and mould the world around them.

About Us

An Engineer is better known for his upbringing of academica into practical applications and development. We at DSC provide information, mentorship & opportunities to make you well versed with cutting-edge top technologies and develop something astounding during the tenure of your degree. DSC is an open community willing to connect every passionate techie for excelling together.
Established in the month of June, 2020 we have a huge network of 300+ members from across the world and have collaborated with various communities & platforms such as Global AI Hub, HacktoberFest 2020, Progate, Code for Cause & Cipher Build.


1. To provide curated information about opportunities.
2. To bring developers together in a single community so that they can collaborate and contribute for the betterment of the society.
3. To keep our community updated with the latest technological advancements.
4. To bring a coding culture in our college and locality.

why join DSC

1. Expand your network across the globe.
2. Proper guidance and mentorship from industrial experts.
3. Perfect opportunity to learn more about coding competitions, hackathons and all other related contests.
4. Boosts your confidence and enhances overall personality.


1. Global AI Hub
2. Hacktober Fest 2020
3. Progate
4. Code for cause
5. Cipher Build

Social Media

1. Discord server : https: //
2. LinkedIn :
3. Whatsapp group :
4. Instagram :
5. Youtube :
6. Spotify :
7. Twitter :


Convenor : Mr. Kartikey Rawat

Treasurer : Mr. Abhishek Agrawal

Executive Members : Ms. Kshitija Agrawal

Mr. G. S Rohit

Mr. Kuldeep Patel

Mr. Dheeraj Ghosh

Ms. Gramya Gupta

Mr. Vinayak Rawat

Advisor : Ms. Pooja Verma