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Wifi Campus

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We, at BIT, enjoy being hi-tech. That is why, we are proud that BIT became the first wireless campus of Chhattisgarh State, years before most people had even heard of the technology. As Chhattisgarh’s first hi-tech smart campus, BIT has 110 Mbps Internet Lease Lines from two different ISPs for internet connectivity.

All blocks are interconnected through a highly secured Network, where over more than 1,000 PCs are connected to the internet through broadband connections whilst 4 hi-end servers power the BIT network.

  • Powerful outdoor Acces points DWL-7700 – 16 No
  • Indoor Access points – D-Link & TP-Lonk – 50 No
  • Omni Directional Antenna – 8 No
  • Directrional Antennas – 8 No
  • Supports IEEE-802.11 a,b,g
  • Provides Secure Internet Connectivity through Hardware Firewall Fortinet-300A/Cyberroam
  • Wi- fi Connectivity throught the hours
  • Zero Configuration Connectivity for Clients/Users/Students with hotspot