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Events and Activities of ED, Cell

  1. Awareness Program: Every year an interaction session will be organized by the ED cell between the members and entrepreneurs, Alumni and its Association.
  2. Workshop on Business Communication Skills: Communication is most important among the stakeholder; the cell will take opportunity to strengthen entrepreneurs with proper communication by conducting workshop on communication skills.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP): Successful run of business depends upon the skill of entrepreneurs. The cell takes responsibility to conduct EDP to identify innovative thinking.
  4. Faculty Development programs (FDP): The interaction of faculty with outside world will create an environment for learning and so the knowledge provider also will be upgraded to facilitate proper functioning of cell.
  5. Women entrepreneurship: The cell intends to promote the idea of gender indifference.
  6. Rural entrepreneurship : The cell will organize program for rural area for educating them the art of earning money by self-employment.
  7. Start-ups
    • 7.1 Product identification
    • 7.2 Market survey, tools for market research
    • 7.3 Preparation of project reports
    • 7.4 To assist students in technical feasibility report

1. Action plan

  1. To create proposal and generate funds by searching funding agencies for successful conduction of programme to fulfill the objectives framed
  2. To continuously interact with the funding agency regarding communicated proposals.
  3. To communicate with the various institutions and participants for effective participation in programs conducting under ED Cell.
  4. To link with the successful entrepreneurs and eminent expert for sharing their knowledge and expertise with the students who want to become an entrepreneur.
  5. To create list of participants who motivated and created their own enterprise through the programmes conducted by this ED Cell.
  6. To develop the entrepreneurial culture by conducting awareness program, camps, class lecture, guest lecture by experts, industrial tours, seminar and conferences etc.
Coordinator Chief Coordinator
Dr. Ashok Kumar Chandra Dr. Sanjay Guha
Department of Management Professor & Head
Department of Management Department of Management