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D-Link Academy

What is D-Link Academy?

The times are changing, and in recognizing this, companies are adapting to new technological advancements and integrating them into their own corporate environments. As a result, many job industries are looking for innovative and talented individuals to help them achieve their goals. D-Link recognizes the importance of networking knowledge in today’s world and has created the D-Link Academy System as a global training platform. More specifically, the program is designed to focus on mainstream technologies like switching, wireless, IP surveillance, security, and storage, and will equip participants with the necessary expertise to manage networks for small to medium businesses.

The program is designed to appeal to a wide audience. Students and business professionals, as well as both new and intermediate network users, can all gain from enrolling in the training seminars or by taking the certification tests. The D-Link Academy service is also extended to internal employees and channel partners who wish to improve job qualifications pertaining to technical topics.

The programs offered include certifications to become a D-Link Network Associate (DNA), D-Link Certified Specialist (DCS), and D-Link Certified Professional (DCP). The exams can be scheduled on demand, which grants users the flexibility of choosing their own exam time and eliminates geographical time constraints. The D-Link Academy’s current major initiative is to promote its certification courses to students in colleges and training institutes around the world.

Those interested in learning more about the subject can create an account on the D-Link Academy Portal and access training materials and schedule classes on their topics of choice. Training session dates are also available, and enrolling will offer participants the chance to gain practical knowledge through comprehensive, hands-on practice. After registering, users also have the option to take certification exams, which cover the fundamental concepts of networking, including switches, security, wireless, storage and IP surveillance.

  1. D-Link Academy is an affordable learning platform that offers high-quality training solutions. It provides an excellent value, and is more easily accessible by a wider audience due to the low entry barrier.
  2. D-Link exams complement the certifications offered by other vendors and can be used to refine an existing knowledge base. It is also a good starting point for those who wish to take more difficult and higher-level exams.
  3. D-Link has a renowned reputation as a SMB solution provider, and understanding of its product lines will ensure that users have the expertise to compete in today’s SMB focused companies. The D-Link Academy program will be useful for individual career planning and can help in finding a job.
  4. D-Link Academy will allow students to shift from schools to work industries, and non-IT people to transition to IT related fields.
  5. With D-Link Academy, participants will gain the foundation to be future networking professionals, and will be empowered to achieve future growth through learning!

D-Link Academy Committed to

1. To formulate the general goals & responsibilities of technical education in IT field.
2. To adjust curriculum & educational processes to changing conditions.
3. To develop effective teachers & educational administrators.
4. To improve instructional methods & practices & administrative usages.
5. To enhance professional ideals & standards.
6. To foster research as a function complementary to teaching.
7. To cultivate fraternal spirit amongst the teachers, administrators, industrialists & professionals.
8. To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions industry & society.
9. To award Honorary fellowships, Awards and Prizes, for furthering the objectives of Technical Education

Activities and Societies

D-Link Academy aims to improve socioeconomic conditions in communities across India by increasing access to education and career opportunities supporting the development of an educated ICT workforce and promoting the growth of the ICT industry. In support of the Human Resource Ministry.D-Link Academy aims to help bridge the digital divide by extending learning opportunities to students in developing countries and those with disabilities.

With increasing courses and resources, D-Link strives to create the best training and certification programs for users to enhance their networking knowledge, and give them an advantage in the marketplace. The following are D-Link Academy’s key achievements so far:

  • More than 3,000 professionals certified globally
  • More than 50 Academic Partners and 20 Training Partners around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, and Americas)
  • More than 100 “Train the Trainers” certified instructors
  • Launched the community site for users to share their experience of being D-Link Academy certified professionals
  • Launched the remote lab to provide more pragmatic experience.


Courses Offered

There are three different expertise levels available so that all learners, beginning to advanced, can find something of educational value. There are prerequisites for each course level, so make sure you qualify for them before applying.

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