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QuizBizz BIT Durg

(“We Quiz together, We learn together, We grow together“)

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About us

A student-led club, founded on August 2018. We proceed forward with our motto,

  • develop and foster an environment of knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Help students to develop their overall personality by giving them an edge while tackling future competitions.
  • Building a community valuing knowledge across different fields.
  • Execution of innovative ideas while fostering the growth of individuals.

Basically, we’re the Jack of all Trades and our main goal is to ‘end our day being a little smarter than we started.’


To create a Quizzing culture among the students of BITD subsequently making them smarter than yesterday, witty and prepare them for placements and professional careers.


To provide students with a platform where all types of innovative ideas are welcomed and are fostered until they are prepared for the betterment of society.

Why Join Quizbizz

★ Professional Development : All round development to prepare you with confidence and valour to face and ace interviews.

★ Personality Building : Online and offline meets helps you gain confidence to speak among people, you learn, you grow and refine your personality eventually.

★ Quizzing : Breaking stereotypes that quizzing is memory test . At Quiz Bizz we help experience that quizzing is an exclusive type of quiz where your presence of mind and knowledge is at stake to solve the tricky quiz.

★ Interactive and motivating peers : Get a group that supports you, teaches you and motivates you to conquer new horizons of life.

( Because it's not all about the Quiz )

Student community

Ritik Kurrey
Shreya Sharma
Vice - President
L.Sai Kumar
Head of Operations
Manu Pandey
Content Head
Piyush Sahu
Event Management Head
Pragya Rathore
Social Media Head
Sharabjeet Singh
Marketing Head
Litesh Sahu
Graphics Head
Dheeraj Ghosh
Technical Head
Siddharth Thethwar
Aditi Dwivedi
Executive Member
Manaswi Sinha
Executive Member
Shivam Kashyap
Executive Member
Aashi Shukla
Executive Member
Ayush Tandey
Executive Member

Social Media

Become a member

QuizBizz is not restricted only to college campus but everyone is welcome to be a part of QuizBizz family.

Click on the link to become a member :- Click here!

UnStop Igniters Club

(“Unstop Igniters, have the power to transform and revolutionize the way campuses across the country learn, network and compete.“)


Unstop Igniters are meant to be unstoppable with zeal to learn, grow, improve and foster in the large competent world around them. Provides an opportunity to organise competitions and events with clubs of other colleges from different cities of the country.
It currently operates under QuizBizz-BIT D

Fly that flag high. As an Unstop Igniter, you will be doing great work which needs to be showcased with a grandeur that it deserves.

Community Members

Events Organised