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Professional Activity Club

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About PAC

The professional activity committee of the Institute initiated the formation of Professional Activity Club in September 2017. It’s a student led club focused on bringing topics on innovation and technical events. PAC offers some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of student experience. There are more than 50 students enrolled & they create important social networks, as well as opportunities to encourage & explore personal interests and develop leadership and management skills.

Activities in the club include:

  1. Organize popular lecturers/ talks by eminent speakers.
  2. Competitions to develop innovative demonstrations explaining science & technology oriented concepts.
  3. Promoting interdisciplinary activities.


The objective of PAC is to empower aspiring minds of a new generation of technologists with innovative ideas. Also to provide a platform to put forth scientific ideas and fostering a culture of innovation within the students. It is also to bring out the creative talents in students & promote team-spirit.


11th February 2023 Group Discussion on “Digital India”
15th April 2023 Webinar on “Quantum Computing” By Dr.Shiju George
20th April 2023 -21st April 2023 2 Days workshop on “The Role of Life skill at Workplace” by Shri R.C. Shrivastava
15th September 2023 Paper Presentation Competition on Engineer’s Day/Manager’s Day
Topic: Engineering Innovation for a more resilient world/ Managerial Innovation for a more resilient world
18th October 2023. Hands-on session on Open Source Meet up 101 (Hacktoberfest Edition)