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Innovation Club

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Institute innovation club aims to equip students with the required skill-sets and bring up their innovative side by giving them a chance to convert their idea into a product through proper training and experience.


To transform ideas into innovation and bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in students thus making them self-reliant and ready for the competitive world.


To spread awareness about the technological advancements taking place in the world and provide various opportunities for students to pitch their executable ideas and seek for investments, support, etc.


  1. To encourage young minds towards innovations by means of various competitions, workshops, seminars, etc.
  2. To execute their innovative ideas by providing them investments and support from the experts.
  3. To develop industrial level skill set of students.
  4. To increase students technical & managerial problem-solving skills.
  5. To promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship where students can get inspired from successful Incubators.
  6. To impart training for start-up, incubation and commercialization of innovations.