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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The ED Cell of Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg will play role to identify entrepreneurial ability of students and will direct them to establish their own enterprise in various sectors. The cell intends to develop the economy scale by promotion of entrepreneurship. ThusEDC aims to create a platform for its members to emerge as successful entrepreneurs by converting students from job seekers to job providers.


Promote and sustain entrepreneurship by developing eco-friendly entrepreneurs.


To create valuable image among the society as a job provider by sharpening the entrepreneurial skill of students and social being.

Objective of the ED, Cell

  1. To act as a system for providing information on all aspects of enterprise to Professional students for innovative thinking and for the promotion self-employment and employment of others.
  2. To develop the Entrepreneurial culture so that they bind themselves in norms and tradition of providing employment, not to be job seeker.
  3. To develop the innovative culture among student through research projects.
  4. To promote and develop the knowledge-based enterprises and promote employment opportunities in different segments of the market.
  5. To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities at state level.
  6. To create an entrepreneurship culture among the students at the institution level by providing training and development programmes, and conducting seminars, conferences.
  7. To conduct various courses on Entrepreneurship for students.
  8. To create technology awareness and promote technology based enterprises in existing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of the region.
  9. To conduct market research for identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities.
  10. To provide consultancy services to Prospective Entrepreneurs
  11. To write separate proposals for various funding agencies for generation of funds for ED Cell.