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Anti Ragging Committee

Institute has an anti-ragging committee, proctorial board and a vigilance team to prevent ragging in the campus. They maintain a strict vigil in the campus, at the Durg Railway Station and on the way from Raipur/Rajnandgaon/ Dongargarh to Durg for students travelling by train/bus to prevent ragging. No major instances of ragging have been reported in the last four years. A few minor cases detected have been resolved by the Principal by counseling the students and involving the parents.

The members of anti-ragging committee move around the college campus to maintain discipline in the campus. They also visit the hostels at night randomly to check the incidents of ragging. Some faculty members are deputed as caretakers for the day boarder students for specific localities. Details of Proctorial Board & Anti Raging Committee and some of the Vigilance team is given below.

Proctorial Board Members:


Details of Vigilance Team

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