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Mrs. Suchitra Pandey

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Suchitra Pandey

Employee ID 10266
Date of Joining 22-12-2011
Nature of Association Regular
Department Electronics and Telecommunication
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification 1) PhD: Pursuing (Registered), C.S.V.T.U., BHILAI. 2) M.Tech (Instrumentation & Control), 2008, C.S.V.T.U., BHILAI. 3) B.E(Electronics & Telecommunication), 2003, Pt. R.S.S.U., Raipur.
Contact Number Extension No.: 503, Global Directory No.: 8192
Areas of Interest

Major: Discrete Systems, Multidimensional Systems, Delayed Systems, Nonlinear Systems. Minor: Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Industrial Automation.


    Publications in Journals:

    1. Pandey, S., Das, B., Tadepalli, S. K.,: Comments on “New finite-sum inequalities with applications to stability of discrete time-delay systems". Automatica, vol. 91, pp. 320--321. Elsevier (2018).
    2. Khandel, Harsha; Pandey, Suchitra; Reynolds, D: Internet of Things Based Power Theft Detection System, International Journal of Advanced in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences,  vol. 8, Issue: 3, pp. 450-457 (2018).
    3. Baghel, A., Pandey, S.: Data Hiding in Images Using Dynamic Programming Considering Human Visual System, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) / e-ISSN: 2395-0056. Vol. 4, Issue 5,  pp. 1594-1598 (2017) .
    4. Khandel, Harsha; Pandey, Suchitra; Reynolds, D: A Review on IOT Based Power Theft Detection and Control Systems, International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, vol. 5, Issue: 9,(2017)
    5. Baghel, A., Pandey, S.: Reversible Data Hiding Techniques in Images: A Review. International Journal for Scientific Research & Development (IJSRD) / Online ISSN No.: 2321 0613, Vol. 4, Issue 10, Issue,  pp.  498-501 (2016).
    6. Pandey, Suchitra; Potdar, R. M.; Chawariya, Dinesh: Design and Simulation of Microwave Dual Band Filter, International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research, vol. 4, Issue. 5, pp. 1547–1556 (2015).
    7. Agrawal, R. & Pandey, S: Importance of Optimum Moisture in Sinter Raw Mix to Increase the Sinter Strength, International Journal of Computer Science and Applications, FA3144, (2008).

    Publications in Conferences:

    1. Pandey, Suchitra; Tadepalli, Siva Kumar; Kandanvli, V. Krishna Rao; Kar, Haranath, Stability of uncertain 2-D discrete systems in presence of generalized overflow nonlinearities, in Proceedings of International Conference on Innovations in Power, Energy and Intelligent Control Systems, (2019).
    2. Pandey, Suchitra; Tadepalli, Siva Kumar; Kandanvli, V. Krishna Rao; Kar, Haranath, Improved Criterion for Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems Subject to Saturation Nonlinearities and Variable Time-Lags, in Proceedings of IEEE 1st International Conference on Energy, Systems and Information Processing, (2019).
    3. Pandey, S. & Tadepalli, S. K.: Further results on the stability of discrete-time state-delayed systems under the influence of saturation nonlinearities, in Proceedings of 3rd International conference on Soft Computing; Theories and Applications (2018).
    4. Das, Bhupendra; Tadepalli, Siva Kumar; Pandey, Suchitra, Stability Analysis of Uncertain and Delayed Discrete Systems Using ROLMIP, in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference On Advances in Communication and Computing Technology (ICACCT), pp. 35-39 (2018).
    5. Pandey, S., Generation of PN Sequence Using Elliptic Curve for Encryption of Audio Signal, National Conference on Dynamics of Applied Communication VLSI and Embedded Systems (BITCON- 2015).
    6. Agrawal, R. & Pandey, S., SoC Design and Modeling Analog Mixed Signal & MEMS, in Proceedings of National Conference on Design Techniques for Modern Electronic Devices, VLSI & Communication Systems (DTVC – 2007). Organised By: Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (HP) Date: 14 – 15 May 2007
    7. Agrawal, R. & Pandey, S., OCDMA Scheme to Reduce Multiple Access Interference, National Conference on Broadband Communications  (BITCON- 2007), Organised By: Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, Bhilai Institute of Technology, DURG Date: 16 - 17 Mar 2007.
    8. Agrawal, R. & Pandey, S., Metastability, in Proceedings of National Conference on Information and Communication Technology (NCICT – 2007), Organised By: Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM), SVKM’s NMIMS University & SVKM’s D. J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai Date:  1 – 3 Mar 2007
Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:

    From To Administrative Position Major Responsibility
    July 2015  June 2016 Member of Games & Sports Commiittee (Girls) Coduction of Sports events for girls at the institute and university level.
    July 2018 TillDate Member of Website Committee Updation & Maintenance of Departmental Web Page


Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions: