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Service Rules

Service conditions of Employees

Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, is affiliated to Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University (CSVTU), Bhilai. The Institute is, therefore, governed by the rules and regulations of the affiliating University. Service conditions as enumerated in Ordinance No. 19 (College Code) of CSVTU, Bhilai and Chhattisgarh Viswavidyalay Adhiniyam 1973 are generally applicable to the employees of BIT-Durg. However, promotion policy in respect of teaching staff is followed on the lines of AICTE rules from time to time. Pay structure of teaching staff is also in line with AICTE pay scales. Recruitment policy, Leave Rules, TA/DA rules etc. are reviewed by the Governing Body from time to time keeping the interests of the staff and the rules of affiliating University/State Government in view.

Recruitment of Staff

Teachers are appointed after issuing national level advertisement and selection by duly constituted Selection Committees consisting of the representatives of the Governing Body, Subject Experts nominated by affiliating University, nominee of Vice Chancellor and Principal of the Institute. Appointment Orders are issued after the selection list is approved by the University. In case of urgent requirement, teachers at the level of Asstt. Professor are appointed on adhoc basis whose services are confirmed after selection by the duly constituted Selection Committee.

Non-teaching staff are appointed as per requirement from time to time after selection by a Committee consisting of Principal, respective HOD and Registrar and approval by the Governing Body/Trust. Such staff are generally appointed on consolidated salary in the first instance and confirmed on the post after observing their performance for a period of six months. In recruitment of non-teaching employees, preference is given to domicile candidates of Chhattisgarh State.

Age of superannuation

Age of superannuation for teaching staff is 62 while non-teaching staff are superannuated on completion of 60 years of age. Provision also exists for re-employment of retired teachers, whenever necessary, till they attain the age of 65.


Employees of the Institute are eligible for vacation/leave at par with their counterparts in State Government/University Service. As per provisions of the leave rules in vogue, BIT employees are eligible for the following leave/vacation :

Vacation : 45 days vacation per year with full pay for teaching and other vacation staff
Earned Leave : 30 days Earned Leave per year for non-vacation staff
Half Pay Leave : 20 days per year for all employees which can be commuted to 10 days full pay leave on medical grounds
Casual Leave : 13 days per year for all employees
Maternity Leave : 90 days leave with full pay for women employees

In addition, the employees are also eligible for Special Causal Leave, Study Leave, Special Disability Leave, Extraordinary leave, etc. as per provisions of the leave rules of the Institute.

Promotion Policy

Promotions in teaching cadre are effected in the Institute based on seniority cum merit as per rules/guidelines issued by AICTE. Whenever a post of Associate Professor/Professor falls vacant, the same is filled up through promotions from within the cadre, if eligible candidates are available. In case of urgency, promotions are given on adhoc basis which are regularized after going through the prescribed selection procedure. Whenever eligible candidates are not available within the cadre, the post is filled up through open advertisement.

In respect of non-teaching staff, promotions to the next higher grade are made on the basic of their length of service, educational qualifications, availability of post etc. Every employee who remains in the same grade for a period of 10 years is promoted to the next higher grade irrespective of qualifications or availability of posts.

Medical facilities

All employees of the Institute drawing a salary of less than Rs. 21,000/- per month are covered by ESI Scheme of Central Government. Total contribution towards ESI including employee’s contribution is borne by the Institute and no recovery is made from employee’s salary towards ESI contribution.

For employees drawing monthly salary of Rs. 21,000/- or more, the Institute has devised its own Scheme, wherein 75% of expenditure incurred on hospitalization of staff, spouse and upto two children is reimbursed to the employees on production of hospital bills. The scheme is working satisfactorily and has become very popular amongst the employees due to speedy settlement of claims

The benefit of salary advance is extended to needy employees for medical treatment. Such advance is recovered from the salary of concerned employees in easy installments or adjusted against the reimbursement bill.

Social Security/Welfare measures

Provident Fund benefits applicable as per Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952, as revised from time to time have been extended to all employees of the Institute. The scheme is operated through Regional Provident Fund Commissioner.

Benefit of Gratuity as per payment of Gratuity Act 1973 has also been extended to all teaching and non-teaching employees of the Institute.

A separate Group Insurance Scheme with double accident benefit is also operated by the Institute for the benefit of its employees. The entire premium for Gratuity and Group Insurance Scheme is borne by the Institute. Both the Schemes are operated through Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Motivation/Incentives for staff

Special casual leave with full pay is granted to the faculty members for attending AICTE approved Short Term Training Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Training, etc. Full amount of Registration Fee paid by the faculty members for participating in Seminars, Workshops, etc. is reimbursed by the Institute.

Extra remuneration is also paid to the faculty members for taking classes of the part-time courses run by the Institute and for performing extra duties as per the need of the Institute.

An amount equal to the grant given by AICTE (matching grant) is paid to the faculty members for presenting technical papers in International Seminars and Workshops organized abroad by reputed professional bodies.

A financial reward scheme is in operation in the Institute to motivate the faculty members for publication of research papers. As per this scheme, financial reward up Rs. 10,000/- is given to faculty members whose papers are published in reputed International and National level magazines/publications.

Special monetary incentives are given to non-teaching employees for their involvement in extra duties like conduct of University examinations, assistance during counseling of candidates for admission, etc.

College uniform is issued to Security Guards, Drivers, Workshop staff, Office Attendants, etc. free of charge.