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Mrs. Sonora Dixit

Assistant Professor

Sonora Dixit is working as Assistant Professor at Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg. She pursued her B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and M.E. with specialization in Power System Engineering.. Her research interest is Power System optimization.

Mrs. Sonora Dixit

Employee ID 10348
Date of Joining 27-12-2019
Nature of Association Regular
Department Electrical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.E. (Power System), B.E. (Electrical & Electronics).
Contact Number (0788) 2359297
Areas of Interest

Power System optimization and Control.



    International Journal

    • Sonora Dixit, Rajkumar Jhapte (2013) “Optimization Location of TCSC to control Power Swing” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology, vol 2, issue 10, oct pp 2730-2736.
    • Durgesh Kumar Sahu, Sonora Dixit (2017), “Performance Analysis of Transmission Line system under Unsymmetrical Faults with UPFC” Int. J. of P. & Life Sci. (Special Issue Engg. Tech.), 8(Spec. Issue), 2017:125-135 ISSN: 0976-7126
    • Durgesh Kumar Sahu, Sonora Dixit (2017), “Performance Analysis of system with transmission line having 3 phase fault using UPFC” International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Management, 7(1): January-March 2017 ISSN 2277 – 5528.


    International Conference

    • Sonora Dixit, Rajkumar Jhapte (2014), “Life Estimation of Transformer using Multi-Parameter Co-Relation Technique based on Fuzzy Logic” International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Electronics, Instrumentation & Computer Engineering (ETEICE), BIT Raipur, 27th March.
    • Sonora Dixit, Rajkumar Jhapte (2013), “Prediction Technique for Life Estimation of Transformer via Multi Parameter Co-Relation based on Fuzzy Logic” International interdisciplinary Research Symposium on Global Meltdown: Its Impact on Business, Management, Engineering, Technology, Social Sciences and Environmental Issues held on 6-7 April, Nagpur.
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