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Dr (Mrs.) Madhurima Pandey

Professor & Head

Her research group was first to identify arsenic contamination in village Koudikasa, Chhattisgarh. She primarily focus on surface and ground water pollution, their mobility, speciation, removal of pollutants, health impact and modeling of pollutants. She has published 35 research papers in international and national peer-reviewed scientific journals of repute like Current Science, Bioresource Technology, Environmental Geochemistry & Health, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Environmental Protection, Pollution Research, International Journal of Water, Analytical Letters and Analusis and has presented at several conferences. She has guided 06 students for doctoral degree and directed 15 Masters thesis in Environmental Science and Engineering.

Dr (Mrs.) Madhurima Pandey

Employee ID 10014
Date of Joining 09-02-1994
Nature of Association Regular
Department Applied Chemistry
Designation Professor & Head
Educational Qualification M.Sc. Ph.D.
Contact Number 9425566238
Areas of Interest

Study, mobility, speciation of metals in various environmental matrices, remediation techniques of metals


    1. Madhurima Pandey et al 2017Biosorptive Removal of Cadmium by Tinospora Cordifolia (Wild Giloy), Water Environment Research,  DOI :

    2.Madhurima Pandey et al 2017, Proficient removal of As(III) from water using Orchid Plant (Vanda Sp.)as Bio Sorbent , Asian Journal of Chemistry29(8) 1790-1796

    3.Madhurima Pandey et al 2017, Highly efficient biosorptive removal of lead from industrial effluent , Environmental Science and  Pollution Research, DOI :1007/s11356-017-9413-7

    4.Madhurima Pandey et al 2017, Morning visibility reduction and air quality in Raipur, India, Asian Journal of Chemistry,  29(6) : 1265-1269

    5.Madhurima Pandey et al 2017, Biosorptive removal of toxic contaminant lead from wastewater, Asian Journal of Chemistry,  29(3): 650-656

    6.Madhurima Pandey et al,  2017, Defluoridation of drinking water using calcium modified chitosan, Asian Journal of Chemistry, 29(2): 393-397.

    7.Madhurima Pandey et al, 2016, A review of multiple use medicinal plant tinospora cordifolia and its application, Journal of International Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 8(1): 40-46,

    8.Madhurima Pandey et al, Equilibrium Isotherm study for removal of Mn (II) from aqueous solutions by using novel bioadsorbent Tinospora cordifolia, Advances in Research 6(4), 1-11.

    9.Madhurima Pandey et al 2015, Chemically Modified Chitosan for Flouride Removal, Pollution Research, 34(4):773-777.

    10.Madhurima Pandey et al., 2014 Biosorption of Ni(II) Ions from Electroplating Effluent using Tinospora Cardifolia Biomass Civil and Environmental Research,  6: 91 – 100.

    11.Madhurima Pandey et al., 2013, Arsenic contamination and its causative factors in parts of Chhattisgarh, Central East India, International Journal of Water, 7(4): 347-362.

    12. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2013, Fluoride Mobilization Due to Coal Mining in Parts ofChhattisgarh, Journal of Environmental Protection, 4: 385-388

    13. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2013, Deflouridation of Water by a Biomass: TinosporaCordifolia, Journal of Environmental Protection, 3,:610-616.

    14. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2012, Comparative study of some specific contaminants in the air and rain waters at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India, Pollution Research, 31(3):357-365.

    15. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2012, Spectrophotometric Method Development for Determining Iron(III) in Environmental Samples using 2-Furohydroxamic Acid (2-FHA),Pollution Research, 31(2):255-260.

    16. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2012, Study of Rain Water Composition in Bhilai, CentralIndia, Indian J. Environmental Protection, 31(2): 357-365.

    17. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2012, Arsenic Contamination in Central East India : NewLessons for Environmental Health, The International Journal of Environmental Studies,69:53-64.DOI :10.1080/00207233.2012.626928

    18. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2011, Chemical Examination of the Extract of the Wood ofCordia Macleodii, Acta Ciencia Indica, 33:63-67.

    19. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2011, Preservation Artifacts and Loss Pattern of Arsenic:Acase Study from Highly Contaminated Location in Central-East India, Journal ofEnvironmental Protection, 2:1211-1217.

    20. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2010, Calotropis as Bioindicator Plant for Assessing TraceElemental Contamination of Environment, Asian Journal of Water, Environment andPollution, 7:111-116.

    21. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2010, Analysis of Size Fractioned atmospheric Particulate at Bhilai in Central East in India, Journal of Environmental Protection, 30:529-540.

    23. Madhurima Pandey et al.,2009, Biosorptive Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water,Bioresource Technology, 100:634-637.

    24. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2008, Biosorptive removal of cadmium from contaminatedground water and industrial effluents, Science Direct, Bioresource Technology, 99:440-4427.

    25. Madhurima Pandey et al., Biosorptive Removal of Ni(II) from Wastewater and Industrial Effluent Int. J. Environ Res Public Health, 4(4), 332-339

    26. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2007, Toxic mine drainage from Asia’s biggest copper mine   at Malanjkhand, India Environ Geochem Health, 29:237-248.

    27. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2007, Human Arsenic poisoning issues in Central-EastIndian Locations: Biomarkers and Biochemical Monitoring, International Journal ofEnvironmental Research and Public Health, 15-22.

    28. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2006, Arsenic contamination in the Kanker district of Central-east India: geology and health effects, Environmental Geochemistry and Health,409-420.

    29. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2004, Sediment contamination by arsenic in parts of central east India and analytical studies on its mobilization, Current Science, 86(1): 190-197.

    30. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2004, Simple and selective method for determination of platinum with Tin(II) Chloride and Amides, Analytical Letters, 37(9):1953-1963.

    31. Madhurima Pandey et al., 2004, Sampling and preservation artifacts in arsenic analysis:Implications for public health issues in developing countries,Current Science,86(10):1426-1432.

    32. Madhurima Pandey et al., 1999, Arsenicosis and deteriorating groundwater quality:Unfolding crisis in Central-east Indian Region, Current Science, 77:686-693.

    32. Madhurima Pandey (Das) & K.S. Patel, 1991, Extractive spectrophotometric determination of Niobium(V) with thiocyanate and Amides, Analytical Letters, 24:7

    33. Madhurima Pandey (Das) et al., 1989, Spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum in rock, alloy steel, ore , ash and fertilizer by thiocyanate and N-octylbenzamdine,Analusis, 17:536-539.


    (b). Full length paper in proc. of International / National Conferences

    1.Madhurima Pandey et al ,“Spectrophotometric Method vs Ion selective Electrode for Field Determination of Flouride in Water and Complex samples”,  National Conference on -Research Challenges in Environmental Chemistry for National development, BITCON 2017

    2.Madhurima Pandey et al , “A Review on Occurrence of Radioactive Elements in Different States of India,” National Conference on -Research Challenges in Environmental Chemistry for National development, BITCON 2017

    3.Madhurima Pandey et al , Environmental Scenario of Chromium Contamination in India – A review, National Conference on – Current Environmental issues and Sustainable Development,  BITCON 2016

     4. Madhurima Pandey et al,Fluoride Concentration in Ground Water due to Mining Activities in Parts of Chhattisgarh”,  International Proceedings of Global Challenges, Policy Framework & Sustainable Development for Mining of Mineral and fossil Energy Resources (GCPF2015)

    5. Madhurima Pandey et al, “ Arsenic contamination in Central East India and its causes,” Workshop on Geogenic Contamination in Ground Water of Chhattisgarh with special reference to arsenic, 2015, 347-362.

    6.Madhurima Pandey et al, “ A Review on Heavy Metals Uptake by Plants through Biosorption”. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research. 2014;75:78.

    7. Madhurima Pandey et al, “Effective Biosorptive Removal of Chromium, Proceedings of International workshop on Energy”,  Environment and Architecture Engineering (EEAE 2011)

    8. Madhurima Pandey et al, 2005, “Heavy-Metal contamination of sediments in the Shivnath river catchments in Central – east India “,International Proc. ICCE,  88-91.

Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:


    ChhattisgarhSwami Vivekanand Technical University Assignments  

    • Chairman, Board of studies,  Applied Chemistry, Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai, C.G. India. (2017 to till date)
    • Member, Examination Committee, Applied Chemistry Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai (2013)
    • Member Executive Council , Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai (2009 -2012)

    Institutional Assignments:



    Administrative Position

    Major responsibility


    Till date

    Head of the Department Applied Chemistry

    Monitoring smooth functioning of the Department


    Till date

    Head of the Department, Communication Skill

    Monitoring smooth functioning of the Department


    Till date

    Presiding Officer ,Women Security cell

    To ensure safety and security of female employee and girl students


    Till date

    Member,  Medical Reimbursement Committee

    Reimbursement of hospitalization expense

Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions:

    Research Project Undertaken/Going on


    S. No.

    Name of Research Project

    Principle Investigator/Co-Investigator

    Funding Agency/Amount



    Spatial Distribution of Uranuim and associated water quality parameter in ground water of Northern Stern Districts


    Principle Investigator

    Department of Atomic Energy Board of Research in Nuclear Science



    2016 - 18


    Spatial Distribution of Uranuim and associated water quality parameter in Central East districts of CG


    Department of Atomic Energy Board of Research in Nuclear Science



    2016 - 18


    Aspects of Cr(VI) pollution in various environmental matrices of C.G. State


    Principle Investigator

    Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology, Raipur



    2015 – 17


    Recovery of Niobium and Tantalum from Baster’s Tin Ore

    Worked as Junior Research Fellow

    Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology

    1 May 1988 – 30 November 1990


    Book Chapter


    1. “‘Effective Biosorptive Removal of Chromium”, Proceedings of International workshop on Energy, Environment and Architecture Engineering (EEAE 2011) ISBN-978-1-4244-9745-4


    1.  “Sediment Contamination Analysis and the Trends of Elemental Enrichment at an Industrial Complex During a Dredging Campaign”, Water Pollution and Management, Bio Tech Books ISBN : 978-81-7622-227-3 .


    Ph.D. Supervision (Awarded/Ongoing):


    S. No.

    Scholar’s Name

    Year of Regn.



    Dr.Sunita Gupta

    1 December 2007



    Dr.Hansa Zankyani

    21February 2008



    Rekha Sharma

    09 January  2008



    Richa Deshmukh

    21 February 2008



    Meena Chakraborty

    14 February .2014



    Alka Banchor

    Completed course work



    Preety Pandey

    Completed course work



    Sponsored National/International Conference/Seminar/Symposium conducted:


    Sl. No.


    Sponsoring Authority


    No. of Days



    Environmental Science & its Application Towards Water Treatment

    All India Council For Technical Education

    15 – 16 July 2010


    Bhilai Institute of Technology , Durg








    Invited talk/ Guest lecture delivered


    Title of




    Title of













    Regional/University or

    College level


    Endocrine Disruptors: Need for Green Chemistry

    National Seminar on Green Chemistry

    28 – 29 October 2015

    Bhilai Mahila Mahavidyalaya, sponsored by UGC



    Heterocyclic Compounds & their Environmental Significance

    Short Term Training Programme

    26 – 30 May, 2014

    National Institute of Technology, Raipur



    Effect of Pollution on Global Health

    National Seminar on Effect of Pollution on Global Health

    11 – 12 November, 2011

    Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya




    • Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi, India.
    • PhD supervisor of Government Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, INDIA.


    List of National/International Workshop/STTP/FDP Attended


    S. No


    No. of Days




    A foundation Programme on Data Science, Using TIBICO Statistica


    Departmrnt of Management , BIT & Grid Analytics

    13 – 14 October 2017


    Ministry of Water Resourses, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation


    Central Ground Water Board, North Central Chhattisgarh Region, Raipur

    8 October 2015


    Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education

    2- weeks


    8 to 18 January & 22 – 31 January  2015

    05 – 07 January  & 19 – 21 January  2015


    Pollution of Ground water around Industrial Clusters: Mitigation and Management


    Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of water Resource, Raipur

    23 February 2011


    Ground Water Scenario and Quality in Chhattisgarh


    Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of water Resource, , Raipur

    4 & 5 March 2009


    Foundation of Chemistry


    IAS Bangalore, INSA New Delhi, NAS Allahabad

    7 & 9 March, 2008


    Refresher Course in Chemistry


    Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur


    2 – 22 January, 2004


    Environmental Protection Technology for Food Production

    2- weeks

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    22 May – 2 June 1995