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Prof. N. Chiranjeeva Rao

Assistant Professor,

10 years of experience in teaching subjects as C/C++, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, and management subjects like e-commerce, Management Information Systems. Coordinated in installation of KOHA open software in Central Library. Currently looking after the activities of Central Computing Facilities of the Institute.

Prof. N. Chiranjeeva Rao

Employee ID
Date of Joining
Nature of Association
Department Computer Science and Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.Tech(Computer Networks), MCA, MSc(CS),MA(Eng), DME
Contact Number 9827927168, 8253030222
Areas of Interest

Firewalls, Computer Networks

    1. Rao N Chiranjeeva*, De Shankha, ChoudharyChaitali, “Experimental Analysis of improvement in Firewall Traffic bydeployment of Bastion Host”, International Journal of Advanced in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences, ISSN NO : 2249-7455, Volume 8, Issue III, MARCH 2018, PP 184-194
    2. Rao N Chiranjeeva*, De Shankha, “Deployment of bastion host, RED before firewalls to improve security andefficiency”, Research Journal of Computer and Information Technology Sciences, ISSN 2320 – 6527, Volume 5, Issue V, July 2017, PP 9-11
    3. Rao N Chiranjeeva*, De Shankha, ChoudharyChaitali, “Study of User Behaviour for Firewall Configuration”,  International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology, ISSN : 2456-3307, Volume 2, Issue III, May-June 2017, PP 387-389
    4. Rao N Chiranjeeva, “Wireless Sensor Networks, A Review: Factors to be considered in implementation”, Research Journal of Computer and Information Technology Sciences, ISSN 2320 – 6527, Volume4, Issue VI, June2016, PP 20-23
Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:

    Core Member– Website Committee

    Member – Students’ Feedback Committee

    Member – CCF Committee

Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions: