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Dr. Anupama P. Huddar

Professor & Head of Department

Dr. Anupama P. Huddar

Employee ID 10020
Date of Joining 21-03-1995
Nature of Association Regular
Department Electrical Engineering
Designation Professor & Head of Department
Educational Qualification Ph.D. (Power System Control), M. Tech. (Integrated Power System), B.E. (Electrical Engineering)
Contact Number (0788) 2359297, Extn. 415
Areas of Interest

Power Systems & Protection, Power System Control

    1. A.P. Huddar& P.S. Kulkarni, “A Robust Method of tuning a decentralized PI Load Frequency controller in a deregulated environment Using Genetic Algorithms”, International Journal of Electric Power Components and Systems, I.No. 37/03, pp. 265-286, March-2009.
    2. A.P. Huddar& P.S. Kulkarni, “Load frequency control of a multi area power system using linear quadratic Regulator”, Journal of Institution of Engineers (Electrical Engg.), I.No. 90, pp.28-32, June 2009.
    3. A.P. Huddar& P.S. Kulkarni, “A robust method of tuning the feedback gains of a variable structure load frequency controller using genetic algorithms”, International Journal of Electric Power Components and Systems, I.No. 36/12, pp. 1351- 1368, December-2008.
Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:

    1. Head of Department (Electrical Engineering)

Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions: