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Mr. Anil Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor

Mr. Anil Kumar Mishra

Employee ID 10079
Date of Joining 04-07-2003
Nature of Association Regular
Department Electronics and Telecommunication
Designation Associate Professor
Educational Qualification 1. Name of PG: M.Tech.(2008), CSVTU Bhilai C.G., Title of Thesis: Image Compression by Pixel Reordering & Speech Compression using Matlab 2. Name of UG:B.E.(1996), Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur.
Contact Number Extension No.: 504, Global Directory No.: 8184
Areas of Interest

Major:Robotics, Image Processing, Instrumentation and Control System


    Publications in Journals





    Name of Journal

    Date/ month of publication

    ISSN No.


    Real Time Squint Eye Detection  

    International Journal  of Engineering and Advanced Technology

    December 2011

    ISSN 2249-8958 volume-1, issue 2

    Pp 111-114


    Robust Non Intrusive Real Time Access control Squint Eye States Detection Based on Hough Transform on Human Face Images 

    International Journal  of Advance Research In Computer Engineering and Technology

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    Volume-1, Issue 3

    Pp 285-291


    Analysis of Advance Motion Detection for Visual Surveillance System by Adaptive Background

    International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research,


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    Algorithm for Person Detection in Adaptive Background using Matlab Platform

    International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering

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    Enhancing the efficiency of Coal Handling Plant by introducing GPS technique



    International journal of Emerging Technologies and Advanced Engineering


    ISSN 2250-2459

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    Pp 568-571


    GPS Based Optimized Tracking and Monitortng System for Mine Management

    International journal of Advanced & Innovative Research

    Aug 2o14

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    Volume 3, Issue 1

    Pp 144-147


    Study on Bimetric Encryption Techniques

    International Journal of Applied Research and Studies

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    An Improved ABC Algorithm for Optimal Path Planning

    International Organization of Scientific Research & Advanced Technology

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    Fingerprint Authentication Security by Using an Approach Merging Biometrics & Cryptography

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    Path Designing of Known Complex Environment by Using Hybrid of GA & PSO

    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication

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    ISSN (Online) 2278-1021 ISSN (Print) 2319 5940 Vol. 5, Issue 3, March 2016 Copyright to IJARCCE DOI 10.17148/IJARCCE.2016.5356PP 233-238


    Path planning Optimization Based on Various Soft Computing Technique:A Survey

    Research Journal of engineering Sciences

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    Research Journal of Emerging Technologies in Engineering Research

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    Mobile Robot Path Planning by Genetic Algorithm

    International Journal of Engineering Sciences

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    A Review on E2E Baggage Handler

    International Journal of  Innovative Research in Electrical,electronics( IJIRICEE)

    Nov 2017

    Vol 5,Issue 11,pp43-44,ISSN 2321-5526(Print),ISSN 2321-2004(Online)


    A Review on Baggage Tracing & Handling Using Sensor Network and IOT

    International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering Sciences(IJAMTES)

    Mar 2018

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    Woman Safety Devices with GPS Tracking and Alerts

    International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering (IJMTE)

    Mar 2019

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    IOT Based Fire Fighting Robot Using Sound as Extinguisher

    International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering (IJMTE)

    Mar 2019

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    Simulation Model of Airport Baggage Handling System

    International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering (IJMTE)

    Mar 2019

    Vol 9,Issue 3,Mar 2019,pp785-791,spl 2019,V913.19.27628,DOI 16.10089








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    Library Committee (Member)

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