Gender equity, including protection from harassment and right to work with dignity is universally recognized basic human right. Eradication of social evils has been the prime aim of Constitution of India.

The Women Cell was established with the mission of making the women oriented, & self reliant.

  • The Women’s Cell at Bhilai Institute of Technology, is set up with the aim of providing women a platform to complain about any unwelcome behaviour and promote and generate awareness about gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and other acts of gender based violence.
  • To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment at the Institute, so that women at work place are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or harassment.
  • The Women’s Cell assists all women in achieving their full potential in education, career and personal life through academic and intellectual growth, professional development and personal empowerment


The objective of the Women Cell is to ensure that the provisions of the ordinance are implemented in letter and spirit through proper reporting and redress of the complaints.


To bring about the empowerment in women, the Women Cell would nurture:

  • Professional etiquette & attitude.
  • Personality development & confidence,
  • Self defense classes,
  • Faculty development programs,
  • Expert lectures,
  • Time management,
  • Career awareness program,
  • Workshops on interviewing techniques,
  • Stress relieving workshops,
  • Spiritual Workshops.