Objectives: The Research and Development Cell of Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg aims to nurture research culture in the Institute by promoting research   in newly emerging and challenging areas of Science, Engineering & Management. It encourages the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral degree students and faculties to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Science, Engineering & Management including multidisciplinary fields. This will enhance the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars,  workshops, project competition, etc.  


  • R & D fund allocation and creation of R & D facilities
  • R & D promotion activities for staff and students such as participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • To promote and keeping track of research publications in conferences and journals
  • Registration of candidates for Ph.D., progress seminars, pre-submission seminars till completion of research work.
  • Encouraging Research Proposal for external funding agencies by faculty and doctoral students.
  • Patent drafting awareness programmes and filing patents.
  • Seed money for projects.
  • Project funding for UG and PG
  • Progress of Center of Excellence

R & D Resources:

  • Qualified faculties
  • Laboratories with research-oriented facilities
  • Library books, multimedia and journals (Printed and online)
  • Externally funded research projects
  • R & D cell promotes and motivates research amongst UG,PG and doctoral students
  • Research groups

Projects / Workshops:

  • Winner projects are provided with 100% financial assistance as regards registration fees and travelling expenses (For first two authors)
  • UG Project hardware cost (80%) reimbursed after submission of original bills.
  • For PG projects, 90% financial assistance for developing the experimental set ups for dissertation work (pre-approved).

R & D Faculty Statistics:

  • Ph.D Awarded:
    • CSVTU,Bhilai      – 13
    • CVRU, Bilaspur – 13
    • MATSU, Raipur   – 02
    • RSU, Raipur         – 03
  • Supervisors for Ph.D. : 54 Faculty members are recognized at various universities such as CSVTU, CVRU, MAT University, etc.
  • Research Scholars enrolled till date : 118
  • Publications
    • Monographs : 07
    • Chapters in various books: 11
    • Books : 34
    • Papers published : 1132
      1. National / International Journals : 778
      2. Conferences / Seminars : 354
    • Patents & Copyright
      1. CBR No. 32389, Medium Pyrolysis Reactor for Medicinal Plant
      2. SW-8585, “Artificial Intelligent Chaos for Casting System”, Ver. 1.0
      3. SW-8587, “Artificial Intelligent Climate Interpolation System”, Ver. 1.0

Collaboration with other organizations:

  • Indian Metrological Center, New Delhi
  • Nu physics, Canada
  • Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • UGC Consortium, New Delhi
  • International Science Congress Association, Indore
  • DR C V Raman University, Bilaspur

Download Links :

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  5. Conferences / Seminars / Workshops Held