S. No. Name of Laboratory Equipments
1. CAD Center (MG1) 25 Computers with UPS
LCD Projector
Tablet with stylus
2.  Materials Testing Lab. (MG4) Universal testing machine, Impact Testing M/C, Rockwell Hardness, Fatigue Testing M/C, Spring Testing M/C, Torsion Testing M/C, Cupping Testing M/C, NDT
3. Dynamics of Machine Lab. (MG4) Vibration Lab, Governor Apparatus, Balancing Apparatus, Whiling of Shaft Apparatus, Gyroscope
4. Kinematics of machine lab(MG4) Corollis Component of Acceleration, Slip & Grip Measurement, Cam Analysis Apparatus, Journal Bearing, Epicyclic Gear Train
5. Computer lab(MG5) Total Number of Computers –  30 (All the computers are connected to Wireless  LAN )
Laptops- 25 with WIFI connections.
Internet facility available in the Lab.
Software “ MATLAB, SPSS-12
6. I.C. Engine Lab. (MG10) 2&4 stroke PETROL & Diesel Engine, MPFI Engine, Exhaust Gas Analyzer, 4 Stroke 4 cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig, 4 Stroke 1cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig, Variable Compression Ratio Petrol Engine Test Rig, Carburetor, Spark Plug Ignition System, Cut section Model of Scooter Engine, Cut section Model of 4 Stroke 4 cylinder
7. Automobile lab(MG10) Chassis of Car Body (Maruti 800), Suspension, Steering, Braking, Differential Power Steering, Air Brake, Disc Brake, Gear Box, Educational Car Model
8. Engineering mechanics(MF4) Worm & Worm Wheel, Single & Double Purchase Winch Crab, Polygon of Forces, Screw Jack, Cantilever Beam, Gear Jib, Differential Wheel & Axle, Simple Jib Crane, Second system of Pulley, Simple & Compound Lever, Co-efficient of Friction Apparatus, Spring, Belt & Pulley
9. Heat & Mass Transfer Lab(MF5) Heat exchanger, Heat pipe apparatus, Lagged pipe, Composite wall, Unsteady state heat transfer, Emmisivity apparatus, Metal rod, Insulating slab material
10 Refrigeration & Air conditioning lab (MF6) Air conditioner Simulator, Refrigeration Tutor, Air & water heat pump, Mechanical heat pump, Air conditioning Test Rig, Cooling Tower, Vapor Absorption System, Working Cut Section Model of Compressor
11 Thermodynamics lab (MF7) Mounting & Accessories, Babcock & Wilcock Boiler, Locomotive Boiler, Vertical Tube Boiler, Lancashire Boiler, Cochran Boiler, Simple & Compound Steam Engine, Expansion Valves,
12 Energy Combustion System  (MF7) Benson Boiler, Velox Boiler, Loeffler Boiler, Lamont Boiler,  Surface Condensor, Parallel & Counter Flow Jet Condenser, Turbo Jet Engine, PV Cell Kit, Solar Water Heater, Evaporative Condenser, Prototype Model of Impulse & Reaction Turbine.
1.3 Mech.Measurement & Metroology lab (MF12) LVDT, Data Acquisition System, Rotameter, Torque transducer, Angular sensor, Bourdon pressure gauge tester, Pressure cell, Dead weight pressure gauge tester, Thermocouple, Resistance Temp. Detector, Thermistor, Profile projector, Tool maker microscope, Surface tester
14. Robotics lab (MF13) Haxcrowler, Robotic Arm, Robotic Kit – Assembly

CAD Centre

  • Total Number of Computer – 25.
  • All the computers are connected on Wireless LAN
  • Internet facility available in the Lab
  • Software –
    1. Pro-E Wildfire 3.0
    2. CATIA V5 R13
    3. Solid Works 2004-05
    4. ANSYS 11.0


CNC Lathe Trainer Machine

  • NKS T – 130 (Make N.K. Systems, Raipur)
  • Axes Travel Range : Cross Slide – 50mm, Saddle – 100
  • Spindle speed – 50 to 600 RPM
  • Maximum Feed rate – 125 mm/min
  • Minimum Increment – 0.01 mm (10 microns)

CNC Mill Trainer Machine

    • MT – 250 (Make Hytech Hydraulic, Pune)
    • Axes Travel Range : Cross – 150mm, longitudinal – 250
    • Vertical – 200mm
    • Spindle speed – 200 to 3000 RPM
    • Maximum Feed rate – 300 mm/min
    • Minimum Increment – 0.005 mm (5 microns)
    • Simulation Software – Cut viewer Lathe, Cut viewer milling
    • CAM Software – BOBCAD