S No. Name of Laboratory Professor Incharge Staff Incharge Major Facilities
1 Elements of Electrical Engineering Dr. N.Tripathi Mr. R. Srinivas / P. Sahu
  1. Transformer
  2. D.C. Motor
  3. Network Theorems
  4. Kits KVL/KCL
  5. Cut Views
2 Electrical Machines Lab Prof. S. K. Sahu Mr. P.P. Pandey
  1. Motor Generator Set
  2. Convertor Thyrisitoriesd
  3. Auto Transformer
  4. Transformer Single Phase
  5. Three Phase Inductive Load
  6. Synchrononization Panel with Synchroscope
  7. Thyrister Converter
  8. Alternator
  9. Synchronous Motor
  10. Three Phase Transformer
  11. DC Motor and Generator
  12. Slip Ring Induction Motor (5KVA)
3 Basic Electronics Lab
  1. Oscilloscope (20Hz)
  2. Function Generator
4 Electrical Circuits Lab Prof. G. Sharma Mr. R. Kumar/B.S.M. Raju
  1. Decade A.F. Generator
  2. I.C.Regulated Power Supply
  3. L.C.R. Circuit Kit
5 Electrical Workshop Dr. N.Tripathi Mr. Parmanand Sahu
6 Analog Electronics Lab Dr. (Mrs.) S. Ray Mr. Bala Chinnaiah
  1. Digital .Storage Oscilloscope
  2. C.R.O
  3. Function Generator
7 Electrical Measurements &
Measuring Instruments Lab
Prof. (Mrs.) S. Tripathi Mr. H. N. Patel
  1. Instrumentation Tuter
  2. Strain Gauge
  3. Analog to Digital Conveter
  4. CRO
  5. A.F.Generator
8 Control System Engg. Lab Prof. (Mrs.) S.Tripathi Mr. N. Punn
  1. DC Position Control
  2. Flow Control Trainer
  3. Level Control Trainer
  4. Scada Software
9 Power System Analysis Lab Dr. (Mrs.) A. P. Huddar Mr. Bala Chinnaiah
  1. Complete VLSI Design tool Set Consisting (5No.)
  2.  Transmission Line Simulation Model with facility for Faults
10 Power Electronics Lab Prof. Sanjay Sahu Mr. Jaswant
  1. Storage CRO
  2. Thyristorised Drive for Single-phase DC Motor with closed loop control trainer
  3. 3-phase IGBT Based PWL Inverter V/F Control trainer
  4. 3-phase Half & Fully Controlled Bridge Converter & Speed Control DC Motor
  5. Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Dual Chanel 60 MHz) with two differentiate Probes
11 Switchgear & Protection Lab Prof. Uma P Balaraju Mr. B.S.M. Raju
  1. IDMT Overcurrent Relay
  2. Percentage Biased Differential Relay
  3. Negative Sequence Current Relay
  4. Transformer Protection Simulation
12 High Voltage Engg Lab Dr. (Mrs.) A. Gupta Mr. N. Punn / Mr. BSM Raju
  1. HV Testing Transformer
  2. Sphere Gap 25 CM Vertical Type
  3. Digital Oil Loss Angle Meter An Dielectric Constant Meter
  4. Three Terminal Oil Cell
  5. High Voltage A.C. /D.C. Test Set
  6. A.C./D.C. High Voltage 11KV Cable Tester
  7. A.C./D.C. High Voltage 11KV Cable Tester
  8. Transformer Oil Test Kit
13 Installation Maintenance & Testing of Electrical Equipments., Dr. S. P. Shukla Mr. H. N. Patel
  1. Cable Insulator Test
  2. Current Tester