Name of the Laboratory Prof. Incharged Staff incharge Major facilities available
1. Applied Chemistry Lab Dr. Yashu Verma Mr. Mahesh Sahu Titrimetric determination of Iron, Hardness, Alkalinity, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium
Bomb calorimeterToshniwal
Determination of calorific value of fuel Redwood Viscometer Aditya
Determination of viscosity of oil Penskey Martein Apparatus Aditya
Determination of fire point and flash point of oil samples Analytical Balance
For weighing compounds
2. Research Lab Dr. Shweta Choubey,
Dr. Sumita Nair
Mr. Dhalu Ram Flame Photometer ESICO
Determination of Na, K, Ca, Li
UV-VISSpectrophotometer Systronics
Determination of various metal
Conductivity Meter Systronics
Determination of Conductivity
pH Meter Elico,
Determination of pH of various water sample
Turbidity meter Systronics
Determination of turbidity of water samples
B.O.D.Incubator MAC
Used for BOD Test
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Varian
Determination of Fe, Cu, Cr, Cd, Zn, Ni, Hg, As, Sb,Mn, U, V, Si, Mg in trace level
Respirable Dust Sampler Instrumex
Collection of respirable dust
Stack Monitoring Kit Instrumex
Collection of stack
Ion Selective Electrode
Determination of F, CN, I
DO meter Elico
Gas Chromatograph
For organic Compound Analysis