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Dr. Sheetal Sharma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sheetal Sharma

Employee ID
Date of Joining
Nature of Association
Department Management
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification PhD: Awarded June, 2013, Pt. Sundarlal Sharma (open) University, Bilaspur C.G. , Title - Implementation of Labour Laws in Industrial Undertakings- with special reference to Chhattisgarh. MBA: 2003, Pt. Ravishankar shukla university
Contact Number (0788) 2359297, Ext. 222
Areas of Interest

Finance {Acccounting for Managers, Advance Financial Accounting} Human Resource Management { Compensation Management, Emerging Issues in HRM } General - Management Concepts & Process, Quantitative Techniques in Management.

    1. A Study On Quality Of Worklife And Its Effectivness in HRD, IJMTES, ISSN-2249-7455, Vol 9 Issue 3 March 19, Pg- 486-491.
    2. A Review Research on Reinventing Business Practices with Customer Relationship management, RJMS, Vol 7, Issue 4, April 2018, Pg- 1-4.
    3. A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Insurance Sector, IJMTES, ISSN-2249-7455, Vol 8 Issue 3 March 18, Pg 1157-1161.
    4. Understanding Emotional Intelligence and its Relation to Job Performance, IJMTES, ISSN-2249-7455, Vol 8 Issue 3, March 18, Pg 827-841.
    5. The Impact of Employee and Employer Relationship and Knowledge Sharing on Employee Productivity: A comparative study of Public and Private Sector Banks, IJMTES, ISSN-2249-7455, Vol 8 Issue 3 March 18, Pg 1179-1184.
    6. Effective compensation scheme: a tool to raise morale of employees, IJMTES, ISSN-2249-7455, Vol 8 Issue 3 March 18, Pg 769-772.
    7. Role of Motivation on Employee Productivity among bank employees in Chhattisgarh, India, Research Journal of Management Science, ISSN- 2319-1171, , Vol  6 Issue 10,  October 17, Pg 1-7.
    8. Shaping Business with Ethics, Research Journal of Management Science, ISSN- 2319-1171, , Vol  6 Issue 10,  October 17, Pg 1-5.
    9. Workplace environment and its impact on employee’s productivity: A case study of Banks in Raipur, Open Journal of Advances in Business & Management (OJABM), ISSN 2456-2858, Vol1, Issue 3, Dec 2016, Pg- 51-63.
    10. Impact of Demographic Factors on the Satisfaction of Investors Towards    Insurance Policies: An Empirical Study ,International Journal of Research in Finance & Marketing, (ISSN: 2231-5985) Volume 2 Issue 1, Jan 2012, 54-67.
    11. A Study on Customers’ Perception & Satisfaction Towards Public and Private Life Insurance Policies: An Empirical Study, Proficient International Referred Journal of Management (ISSN: 0975-475x) in Vol 4, Issue 2, Feb 2012, 35 - 45.
    12. Labour Laws: A Historical Evolution in India,Quarterly Multi disciplinary multilingual refereed research journal Lab to Land, (ISSN: 0975-282X) Jan – Mar 2013, Vol 5, No17,82-84.
    13. Implementation of Labour Laws in Industrial Undertakings – with Special Reference to Chhattisgarh ,Journal of Business Management & Social Sciences Research (ISSN 2319-5614) in March 2013, Vol. 2, No 3, 24-27.
    14. Workplace Environment and its Impact on Employee’s Productivity: A Case Study of Banks in Raipur, Open Journal of Advances in Business Management (ISSN:2456-2858) in Dec 2016, Vol. 1 No 3,51-63.
    15. Carbon Trading: Opportunities for Indian companies, GNA Journal of Management and Technology, (ISSN 0974-5726).Vol.3, No.1, Oct 2008,108-115.
    16. Dynamics of Marketing Strategy in Business Management: A Prosumer Oriented Approach, Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies, (ISSN 0973 – 8444). 5(4), 2007, 2679-2681.
Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:




    Administrative Position

    Major responsibility



    Incharge – NAAC Criteria - 3

    To prepare documentation for Research ,Consultancy &  Extension



    Member, Organizing Committee BITCON-2016  (Department  of Management)

    Session Incharge



    Member, Organizing Committee BITCON-2017 (Department  of Management)

    For smooth functioning of Conference


    Till Date

    Departmental Representative for R&D

    To enhance R&D activities of the Dept & maintain documentation


    Till Date

    Quarterly Report

    To prepare quarterly report



    Time Table Incharge

    To ensure regular classses


    Till Date

    T & P Coordinator Departmental

    Coordinating with T&P Cell of college


Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions: