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Dr. Judith Gomes Nagar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Judith Gomes Nagar

Employee ID
Date of Joining
Nature of Association
Department Management
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification Ph.D MBA (Marketing / Finance) B.Com
Contact Number (0788) 2359297, Ext. 221
Areas of Interest

Retail Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Business Law, Advertising & Sales Promotion, Product and Brand Management.

    1. Judith Gomes Nagar, Dr Sanjay Guha and Dr Ashok Kumar Chandra, “ An Empirical study on factors affecting consumer buying behavior”, in ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Retail Management”, in Vol. 9, Issue V, Oct-Nov 2017.
    2. Judith Gomes Nagar, Dr Sanjay Guha and Dr Ashok Kumar Chandra, “Gender differences in buying decision for Food and Grocery products”, in Journal of Management Science, Vol. 5, Issue IV, April 2016.
    3. Judith Gomes Nagar, Dr Sanjay Guha and Dr Ashok Kumar Chandra, “Alderfer Erg Theory: A study on retailer’s need to motivate consumers”, in Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Vol. 4, Issue VII, June 2016, Pg.: 74 - 82.
    4. Judith Gomes and Sapna Sharma, “A study on relevance of Motivational theories in Retailer’s decision making”, in Research Journal of Management Science, Volume 5, Issue (4) April 2016.

            5. Judith Gomes, Dr Sanjay Guha and Dr Ashok Kumar Chandra,          Consumer Behavioural Changes in grocery and food products retailing, in ACADEMICIA: An International Multidisciplinary Research journal, Vol.5, Issue 2, and February 2015

Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:



    Administrative Position

    Major responsibility

    Aug 2009

    Till date

    BITYMA - Coordinator

    Students Co-Curricular activities Conduction / Participation

    Aug 2014

    Till date

    Sessional In charge

    CT/TA – Sessional marks compilation

    Aug 2015

    Till date

    Class In charge – Senior Section B

    Class Records, Discipline etc.

    Aug 2016

    Till date

    Departmental meeting In-charge

    Prepare Agenda & Maintain Minutes of the meeting.

Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions: