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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr.Manoj Kr Pal

Sr. Associate Professor

Dr.Manoj Kr Pal

Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Sr. Associate Professor
Educational Qualification 1. PhD: June 2015, CVRU Kota BILASPUR, 2. M. Tech. Thermal :2000, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, 3. B.E. :1989, Barkatullah University Bhopal. 4. Post Graduate Diploma in Value Education & Spirituality 2012, Annamalai University.
Contact Number 0788- 2321163
Areas of Interest

Research Areas:


    (a). Research Papers Published (National/ International Journal)

    [1].           .Failure Analysis of Lathe Gear Using Finite Element Approach./IJRTER/August /2017.

    [2].           Tuyere Design & Analysis with Different Material by using CAE Mehod./IJEMR/JUNE/2017

    [3]           Experimental Investigation of Nano Cutting Fluids as a Sustainable Cooling Technique in Turning Operation./IJEMR/Agust/2016

    [4]           Second Law Analysis of Gas based Thermal Power Plant to Improve its Performance./IJSRM/March 2014

    [5]          Energy and Exergy Analysis of Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant./IJERT/February 2014

    [6]          Mathematical modeling of Closed Cycle Gas turbine Power Plant to optimize Net Work output

    [7]Energy &ExergyAnalysis of Boiler and Turbine of Coal fired Thermal Power Plant./IJERTJune 2013.

    [8]            Thermodynamic Analysis of Power Generating units Based on First and Second Law, A Review./IJEIT December 2012.



    (b). Full length paper in proc. of International / National Conferences

    [1.]           Second Law Analysis on the Basis of Harmonic Mean Isentropic Exponent of a Closed Cycle

                  Reheat Gas Turbine Power Plant./

    [2]            Energy and Exergy Analysis of Thermal Power Plant By Heat Recovery Approach.

    [3]           Environment Impact Assesment and pollution Control of Thermal Power Plant

    [4]           Performance and Nox Emission Study in Diesel Engine Operating with Biodisel.

Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:



    Administrative Position

    Major responsibility



    Asst. Centre Suptt.

    Conduction of Examination.



    Member Counseling Team for Admission

    Representing Institute in Counseling



    Member Discipline Comity  in the department

    Look after the Discipline.



    Member Grievance Redressal  Forum






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