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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mr.Devesh Shrivastava

Assistant Professor

Mr.Devesh Shrivastava

Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification 1. PhD: Pursuing 2. Name of PG: M.E.(MECHANICAL ENGG.)(Specialization In Production Engg.) ,2011, C.S.V.T.U., BHILAI 3. Name of UG: B.E.(MECHANICAL ENGG.), 2006, PT.R.S.U, RAIPUR
Contact Number 0788- 2321163
Areas of Interest

Research Areas:


    (a). Research Papers Published (National/ International Journal)

    [1] ShrivastavaDevesh ,et al (2017) “Adjustable ground clearance in vehicles using pneumatic lifting” international journal of Science ,Engineering and technology research (IJSETR),Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2017,Page-1075-1081

    [2].ShrivastavaDevesh ,et al (2017),”MULTI-Objective optimization of cold rolling system with lubricants using grey relation method ,Research Journal of Engineering Sciences,Volume 6(5),May 2017,Page-1 -7

    [3] ShrivastavaDevesh and Bose Debjoyti(2017)“A Review on Implementation of Total productive maintenance in manufacting industries Volume -5 ,Issue-2 ,April-2017

    [4] ShrivastavaDevesh and Ganguly K.S. (2016) “Optimization of biodegradable lubricant for rolling process by Grey relational method “Journal of scientific research in Allied science”,Volume 6,Page 261-271

    [5]  ShrivastavaDevesh ,et al(2016) “Critical Study of impact of lubricants in cold rolling :A review” International journal of intellectual advancements and research in engineering computations,Oct 2016

    [6] ShrivastavaDevesh and NonhareShusheel (2016) “ lean philosophy to eliminate the non value factors in additive hppper feeding belt conveyor”International journal of research journal and development Volume 3,issue11,2016

    [7] ShrivastavaDevesh and NonhareShusheel (2016) “ Implementation of lean in raw mill separator air slide to eliminate non value components “International journal of research journal and development Volume 3,issue11,2016

    [8] ShrivastavaDevesh and srivaspunendra (2015)”Analysis of error and life prediction of corroded metal plate using NDT technique”International journal of research journal and development Volume 3,issue 4,2015

Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:

Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions:


    • Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi, India.
    • The Institute Of Engineers(India),Kolkata ,India
    • Fellow Contributor in the International Science Community Association (ISCA)
    • Member board of studies, Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai, C.G. India