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Department of Information Technology


Associate Professor


Department Information Technology
Designation Associate Professor
Educational Qualification PhD: (Pursuing), M.E.(VLSI DESIGN), B.E.(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)
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Areas of Interest

Design and Optimization of Antenna for Cellular Communication


    (a). Research Papers Published (National/ International Journal)

    [1]. K.L.KAR, Rajiv Pathak,” DIAGNOSTICS IN HOMEOPATHIC SYSTEM USING NEURO-FUZZY NETWORKS”, International Journal of Computer Science and Network, Vol 1, Page no. 1/Pg.1-7 June 2012.

    [2]. K.L.KAR, Rajiv Pathak,” VHDL Design of Smart Antenna Using ANN”, International Transaction on Electrical , Electronics and Communication Engineering Communication, Vol-3/pg.1-6, March 2013.

    [3]. Rajiv Pathak, Manas Ranjan Jena, B.B.Mangaraj,” PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF PATCH ARRAY AS A SMART ANTENNA”, International Journal of Computer Science and Network, RDFCORDGE – 2014,Page-34-37, May-2014.

    [4]. Manas Ranjan Jena, B.B.Mangaraj, Rajiv Pathak, “An Improved Compact & Multiband Fractal Antenna Using the Koch Curve Geometry”, Wireless and Mobile Technologies, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1-6, June-2014.

    [5]. Manas Ranjan Jena, B.B.Mangaraj, Rajiv Pathak, “Design of a Novel Sierpinski Fractal Antenna Arrays Based on Circular Shapes with Low Side Lobes for 3G Applications”, American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 4, 137-140, SEPT. 2014.

    [6]. Manas Ranjan Jena, B.B.Mangaraj, Rajiv Pathak, “A Novel Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna with Improved Performances”, American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Vol-2/pg. 62-66, MARCH, 2014.

    [7]. Rajiv Pathak, Sushil Kumar,Manas Ranjan Jena“Implementation of Smart Antenna by Optimizing Linear Array Patch Antenna”, International Journal of New Innovations in Engineering and Technology, Volume 5 Issue 1– May 2016.

    [8]. Ankit Parganiha, Rajiv Pathak, “Implementation of Efficient Energy Consumption on Photovoltaic Cell Using MATLAB Programming”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume: 03 Issue: 08, Aug-2016.

    [9]. Amit Kumar Sonker, Rajiv Kumar Pathak, “BOILER AUTOMATION USING MATLAB SIMULATION”, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, Vol. 7, Issue, 7, pp. 12373-12376, July, 2016.

    (b). Full length paper in proc. of International / National Conferences

    [1.] Kanai Lal Kar, Rajiv Pathak, “IMPLEMENTATION OF OFDM MODEM USING VHDL” National Conference TECHNOVISION-2007 SSCET BHILAI, 26-27 OCT. 2007

    [2]. Mohan Awasthy, Rajiv Pathak, “NEURAL NETWORK IN H/W: A SURVEY” National Conference BITCON2008 at BIT DURG ,7-8 NOV .

    [3]. Rajiv Pathak, Mohan Awasthy, Vishal Moel,” H/W IMPLEMENTETION OF NEURAL N/W”, National Conference TECHNOLOGIA2009 at MPCCET Bhilai,13-14 MARCH.

    [4]. Rajiv Pathak, Vishal Moel, “Application of fuzzy system in neural network”, AICTE Sponsored National Conference on Application of Fuzzy Logic at BIT DURG, 08-09th July 2010.

    [5]. Rajiv Pathak, Madhusudan Behera, Sushil Kumar, Ashutosh Narayan, “Implementation of Smart Antenna by Optimizing Linear Array Patch Antenna” National Conference BITCON2016 “Emerging Trends in Science, Technology & Management for National Development” at BIT DURG, 29-30 January 2016.

    [6] Rajiv Pathak , Srishti Choubey , B.B Mangaraj , "Design and analysis of micro strip patch antenna for 5G Cellular communication at 3.45 GHZ"  , BITCON 2018 , National Confernce on Enriching Knowledge Engineering with Fifth generation technolgies.

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