To create a platform where science is translated into technology.

Central Workshop was established in 1986 at BIT as part of Mechanical Engineering Department for imparting training to the undergraduate students in the shop floor with a built-up area of 1900 Sq. mtrs. of working area with Seven shops.. The Central Workshop is equipped with the latest machinery and is continually updated with the most recent technology.

It has adequate number of technically skilled workers and faculty members. One Professor In-charge and One Assistant Workshop Superintendent are responsible for the mobilization of highly skilled technical hands in the workshop. The students gain hands-on experience in the Workshop Technology.

Central Workshop is constantly engaged in providing feasible solution to complex mechanical engineering problems, which may include in-house design and development. It supports researchers in making their experimental setups and modification of existing ones. Also a wide range of paraphernalia is being developed indigenously.

Among the main activities engaged by the workshop include: Training of students in various trades of the workshop which is compulsory for all branches of Undergraduate courses, Fabrication Work for the Project of U.G./P.G. students, Preparation of test specimens, Internal maintenance work of the Institute and Other departmental job works as and when required.

The various sections of the workshop include:

  • Machine Shop contains two milling, two shaper, one drill and heavy duty bench grinder and power saw.
  • Turning Shop is equipped with 10-Center Lathe, 1 CNC Lathe, one turret lathe etc.
  • Fitting Shop has been designed beautifully with steel table with bench vices and other necessary equipments.
  • Carpentry Shop is provided with indigenously designed table with carpenter’s vices, one wood turning lathe, one wood cutting machine.
  • Molding Shop has mould boxes and patterns; adequate space is available for working simultaneously 20 students at a time.
  • Welding Shop is pride of most modern machines of welding technology, especially MIG welding, Spot Welding, Rectifier, 3 Phase Transformer and gas welding equipments.
  • Black smithy Shop is equipped with two furnaces and other relevant equipments for hot working (forging).

Proper safety measures have been adopted through the use of Apron, Safety Helmets, and gloves, Fire extinguishers etc.