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In the present age of information explosion libraries have attained the Central position in all Educational and Research organizations. Central Library of BIT was established in 1986 to supplement classroom teaching and to boost Research. Since then this center of self-learning has been playing an important role in supplementing academic activities and boosting research in the college. The library established from the inception of the institute is a well managed one and provides the following categories of service to its readers:

  • Reference service
  • Reprographic service
  • Reading room service
  • Internet surfing
  • Online accessing of various International journals
  • Adorning of the Departmental libraries
  • SC/ST Book Bank
  • Scholar Book Bank for meritorious students1

Library Timing

  • Monday to Friday:  8.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Saturday :  8.00 am to 3.00 pm

It is adjacent to the administrative block having a separate reading hall, periodical section, processing section and a small binding unit. The spacious reading room with 250 capacities is stocked with encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and textbooks numbering around 8000 volumes.  Newspapers, weeklies and magazines of diverse fields are subscribed.

The stack room is well stocked with over 23,000 volumes of books and an adequate number of journals of repute in various areas of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  The students can avail the facility of  the “Book Bank for Meritorious students” with approximately 3,000 books for the general students and 2,500 for the SC/ST.

In the e-library section, a stock of around 1000 e-books, Downloaded articles of IEEE and World Scientific, CD/DVD Writer, Scanner/OCR are used extensively by its users.

Additional facility of free Internet Surfing Zone with 16 clients through SIFY Broad band Services with 10 MBPS leased port are available for use. The library has its own LAN system and which is connected to BIT W-LAN. The central library is proud to be a member of DELNET and AIRC. For monitoring the activities, CCTV based monitoring system has been installed. The library is open for 13 hrs. (8:00 AM to 9:00 PM) during the working days. Library staff includes Librarian, Assistant librarian, Book lifter and security personnel. Prof. In-charge, Library looks after the effective mobilization of the resources.

Future proposals for expansion of Central Library includes development of Full Library Automation, E-Library, Separate PG Library, PG Reading Room, Teacher’s reading room.

 1  CHEMISTRY  275  894  240535
 2  CIVIL  970  4054  662413
 3  COMPUTER Sc.  2633  9643  2314056
 4  ELECTRICAL  705  3582  668331
 5  ELECTRONICS  1630  7914  2184154
 6  ENGLISH  93  448  82184
 7  SAFETY / ENVIRONMENT  274  770  582949
 8  GENERAL  1168  1927  584646
 9  MANAGEMENT  1847  7011  1920811
 10  MATHS  626  2756  539165
 11  MECHANICAL  1716  7799  2049945
 12  PHYSICS  297  1220  234157
  TOTAL  12234  48018  12063346.00

Books at a Glance:

 Central Library  41503
 Donated Books  249
 Gifted Books  89
 Book Bank  3676
 Sc / St  2501
 Total  48018

Resources at a Glance

 Educational CDs  1505
 Educational Floppies  355
 Magazine CDs  725
 IS Codes  1228
 Question Papers  2495
 Journals/Magazines  204
 Newspapers (H&E)  20
 Video Lecture Series, NPTEL  112

Reference books at a Glance:

 Title  Volume
 6985  9239

Journals at a Glance

  Journal Name   No
 ICFAI  39
 SAGE  5
 Journal of Management Research (FMS)  1
 IEL Online  244
 ASME  22
 ASCE  30
 Total  840


  • DELNET Developing Library Network, New Delhi
  • AIRC American Information Resource Centre, Mumbai


  • Xerox
  • FreeInternet
  • Scanning
  • CD/DVD Writing
  • Back Volume Question Papers
  • Back Volume E- Journals
  • Back Volume Syllabus
  • Back Volume Journals/Magazines
  • CCTV base Monitoring System