To create globally competent Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering professionals by delivering value based quality education to serve the society.


To create a learning ambience in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering by developing state of the art infrastructural facilities for development of students and faculties with professional and ethical values.

PEO 1: To impart the basic fundamental concepts of electronics engineering.

PEO 2: To provide sound theoretical and practical knowledge of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and managerial skills to enable students to contribute to the well being of the society with a global outlook to enable them devise and deliver efficient solutions to challenging problems in electronics, communications and applied disciplines.

PEO 3: To develop an ability to apply the technical skills for design and development of systems to meet the industrial and societal needs.

PEO 4: To inculcate an ability to adapt to evolving professional and ethical environments in the domains of engineering and technology.

PSO 1: Apply the fundamentals of mathematics, sciences and engineering knowledge to Analyze And Evaluate Electronic Engineering problems of Analog and Digital Electronics Circuits, Instrumentation and Signal Processing.

PSO 2: To demonstrate knowledge and hands-on competence to design, develop and test electronics systems in the areas related to communication systems, hardware and Software Computer Systems, Control Systems, VLSI systems and Power Electronics.

PSO 3: Exhibit professional and ethical outlook with multi-disciplinary approach, teamwork and effective communication in societal and environmental contexts.