To create globally competent Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering professionals by delivering value based quality education to serve the society.


To create a Learning Ambience in the department so as to inculcate Innovative and Research skills and an urge for lifelong learning among students for professional skills and ethical values.

To achieve the mission of the program, the PEOs were developed to enable the graduates of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering program to be able to:-

PEO 1:       To impart the basic fundamental concepts of electronics engineering. 

PEO 2:       To provide theoretical and practical knowledge of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering to enable them to devise and deliver efficient solutions to challenging problems in Electronics, Communications and Applied Disciplines.

PEO 3:        To develop an ability to apply the technical skills for design and development of systems to meet the industrial and societal needs. 

PEO 4:       To inculcate an ability to adapt to evolving environment with professional ethics.

PSO 1: Apply the fundamentals of mathematics, sciences and engineering knowledge to analyze and evaluate electronic engineering problems of analog and digital electronics circuits, instrumentation and signal processing.

PSO 2: To demonstrate knowledge and hands-on competence to design, develop and test electronics systems in the areas related to communication systems, hardware and software computer systems, control systems, VLSI systems and power electronics.

PSO 3: Exhibit professional and ethical outlook with multi-disciplinary approach, teamwork and effective communication in societal and environmental contexts.