The Cultural activities, games and sports are integral part of education. The institute is having a sports and cultural committee headed by a professor incharge along with members to organize various events.

  • Every year national level techno-cultural fest OJAS is organized by the institute in which many students participate in various extracurricular, co-curricular and sports activities.
  • Every year state level cultural, technical and sports competition is conducted by University. There is a structured process for identifying the talent amongst the students for participating in state and university level competitions. The intra and inter department level competitions are conducted for the above process. College teams are formed to take part in University and other intercollegiate competitions.
  • SPICMACAY, BIT Durg Chapter organizes various programmes annually to promote Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth. Several renowned artiste of International and National fame have visited our institute and have performed different art forms during “Utsav” and “Virasat” series like Padmbhusan awardee Dr. (Mrs.) N. Rajam , violinist, India’s first Grammy award winner Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt inventor of Mohan veena , Dr. Malbika Mitra an eminent Kathak dancer Ms. Bharti Shivaji most promising Mohini-attam dancer, from the folk jhau dance from West Bengal , Kalbeliya Dance from Rajasthan etc
  • The Vista club of the institute also organizes various cultural activities.
  • The astro and clicks club of the institute also organizes various activities.
  • As per the guidelines of university the institute has formed a NSS unit of students and staff. To develop ethical values, NSS conducts various social activities like blood donation camp, spreading awareness about traffic rules, creating awareness about natural disasters among the student community.

Activities regularly conducted by the institute every year:

Sl. No. Activity Details Participation
1 Tech Fest “Ojas” Following events were organized:

1.     Pop Si Link

2.     Sparkx

3.     Robo Race

4.     Hyd. Bottle Rocket

5.     Face of Ojas

6.     Arty-Styx

7.     Buzz In Town

8.     Crack the Code

9.     Lan Gaming

10. Quiz

11. Voice of Fame

12. Business Plan

13. The Climax

14. Informals

 State Level Event

Top Position in Extra Curricular Events

Top Position in Extra Curricular Events
S.No. Year Name of the Event Position Type of Event
1 2015-2016 Debate 1st National Level
2 Debate 1st, 2nd, 3rd District Level
3 Debate 1st University Level
4 Essay Writing 1st, 2nd, 3rd District Level
5 Essay Writing 1st University Level
6 Solo song 1st University Level
7 Group Song 2nd University Level
8 Group Song 2nd University Level
9 Painting 1st University Level
10 Rangoli 1st University Level
11 Yoga 2nd University Level
12 Speech 1st University Level
13 Extempore 1st University Level
14 2014-2015 Painting 1 State Level
15 Speech (English) 1 State Level
16 Extempore (Hindi) 1 State Level
17 Group Dance 1 State Level
18 Solo Dance 1 State Level
19 Technical Model 1 State Level
20 Essay Writing 1 International
21 Debate 1 National
22 Speech 1 National
23 Paper Presentation 1 National
24 2013-2014 Debate 1 National
25 Solo Song 1 State Level
26 Speech 1 State Level
27 Essay 1 State Level