Civil Maintenance
Following work is being carried out by Civil Maintenance department:

  • Water supply to whole campus including college building, hostels, Admin block & staff quarters.
  • Maintain the garden & landscape of the campus.
  • Repairing & Maintain plumbing facility.
  • Housekeeping & cleanliness in the campus.
  • Repair & maintenance structural issues in buildings & roads.
  • Cost estimate of material or labors to determine projects economic feasibility.
  • Maintenance of Central Seminar Hall & Gymkhana

Electrical Maintenance

Following work is being carried out by Electrical Maintenance department in engineering college campus including college building, two boy’s hostels, girls’ hostel, staff quarter, canteen and mess:

  • To provide uninterrupted electrical power supply
  • Installation, testing, commissioning operation and maintenance of electrical lines, cable, panels, capacitor units, equipment’s etc.
  • electricity bill and energy meter inspection and reading report work
  • Internal electrification work of new building.
  • Internal electrification of distribution and utilization work.
  • Operation & maintenance of 11/0.44 KV distribution transformer.
  • Operation & maintenance of 250 KVA Diesel Generator set.
  • Energy saving & energy audit management work.
  • 24/7 hours duties of electrical staff.
  • Electrical safety & electrical inspection work in the campus.

Institute allocates a separate budget for maintenance of infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

Infrastructure Maintenance procedure:

Periodically all the buildings are inspected and repairs are carried out as per the maintenance budget. All the buildings are painted once in two years with quality paint. Wall cracks and roof cracks are identified and filling is done by using suitable materials. All the roads get tarred once in five years. Lawns, Plants & Trees are well maintained within the campus. The safety and security requirements are well ensured within the campus.

Electrical Maintenance:

The site office section of the administrative block of BIT takes care of electrical maintenance work.

  • Maintenance of Diesel Generators.
  • Maintenance of UPS systems and its batteries.
  • Ensuring the proper earth connection for various equipment in the labs and class rooms.
  • Maintenance of solar panels & battery.
  • Maintenance of subsystem high mast tower & area lighting.
  • Maintenance of water cooler and AC through AMC.